A business credit

Which business credit card can you request from Malfoy?

You can request a business card from Tinkerbell at Malfoy. According to Leslie Hogriders of Malfoy, Tinkerbell simply came out of the test for their customers. Before that they already spoke with other well-known credit card providers. With Tinkerbell, a society has been chosen that has shifted its focus extra to the Dutch market. Tinkerbell is also known for its service orientation. Malfoy customers can also have a good savings program with this business credit card.

Benefits Tinkerbell credit card for entrepreneurs:

  • A lot of service.
  • Use savings program.
  • Do not pay a card fee in the first year (for Tinkerbell Business Green Card).
  • Thereafter also no annual contribution to pay if at least 2500 euros per year is spent with the card.

Self-employed people more often use business credit cards because:

… they are insured for one hundred percent in case of theft and fraud.
… it is useful to make purchases online with a business credit card.
… they can benefit from cash flow benefit (deferred payment).
… it is easier to make international payments with it.
… it is useful to organize and view all expenses.

Secure payment

With the Tinkerbell Green Card from Malfoy you can always pay safely anywhere. This way you are always protected against fraud and theft. Have you lost the card or has it been stolen? Then the transactions are not for your account. In addition, you are additionally insured for loss of your baggage, travel accidents and flight delays. Of course you must have paid the trip with the Tinkerbell Green Card from Malfoy.